Discover how Choosing the Right Words can increase your Allowance Pt 2

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Remember our discussion in our last article, about how the mere perception of where a beer could be purchased resulted in customers paying 71% more for the fancy resort beer, rather than the run-down grocery store beer?

All Thaler did was change a few words and people ponied-up more money for the same bottle of beer.

What made those words so special? Each word triggers a memory that tells you how much money you should offer for the beer. In Thaler’s case, “fancy hotel” commanded a premium over “run-down grocery store” because “fancy” sounds more expensive than “run-down.”

When you are seeking a higher caliber of a Sugar Daddy that can afford to provide you certain creature comforts, you’ll need to use the kind of words that communicate your desired value perception within your description.

Create A Valuable Companion Experience

Not only do you need the right words, you need to create an experience that Sugar Daddies perceive as valuable. In Thaler’s research experiment, the words did the job, but it’s not always that easy to conjure up those magic words. Sometimes you need to put in extra effort to create the kind of experience that makes Sugar Daddies value you more. Let me explain.

I shop at this grocery store “Natural.” It’s relaxing. It’s low-light, the staff is personable and knowledgeable, and the owner is a culinary chef who helps you find the best ingredients. The other day I bought some Alaskan Black Cod. The fish monger told me how to cook it and gave me some free marinade and spices.

Sound great? You must be wondering: “What’s the catch?”

It’s more expensive than other super-markets (you could have guessed that…). The thing is, I don’t mind paying a premium price because I value their great service.

So at the end of the day, what do Sugar Daddies value from a Sugar Baby?

Sugar Daddies want one thing: to be treated like a man.

How do you do it?

A good rule of thumb is to seek out what your Sugar Daddy is passionate about and what’s missing out of his life. This will show Sugar Daddies that you’re willing to invest time in them as a person and not an ATM.

The Bottom Line

You can increase your allowance by developing the story behind what makes you unique. It’s a simple tip that has loads of practical application.

Now what about you? Have you seen examples of this? How do you evoke a Sugar Daddy’s passion to increase your allowance? Leave a comment.

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