How to Increase Your Sugar Daddy Allowance Pt 1

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Okay, Sugar Babies, it’s time to talk about something I know you’re eager to learn about: how to get a bigger allowance from your Sugar Daddy.

But before you start envisioning yourself wearing lower cut tops or pleading with him for more money, stop right there. I’m going to reveal a strategy to you that harnesses the power of psychology and marketing, so your Sugar Daddy will practically be begging you to accept his higher allowance.

Don’t believe me? Read on!
It’s common knowledge that pricing products or services is an ongoing battle with human psychology. If your price is too low, people may think it’s junk. If it’s too high, they may think it’s a rip-off.

Now, let’s assume you’re seeking an allowance from your Sugar Daddy. How could you negotiate a higher amount and have Sugar Daddies gladly pay it?

It’s all about perception!

The Power of Perception

Let’s say you’re lying on a beach on a hot day. For the last hour you’ve been thinking about how much you want a nice cold bottle of your favorite beer. Your friend gets up to make a phone call and says,
“Hey, want a beer?”

The only place nearby where beer is sold is a run-down grocery store. How much money would you give your friend for the beer?

Remember how much you gave him and reread the question. This time around, replace “run-down grocery store” with “fancy hotel.” How much money would you give your friend now? Would it be more than before?

Most people say yes. During a research experiment, the behavior economist Richard Thaler discovered that the fancy resort’s median price was 71% higher than the run-down store’s price .

Amazing, right? You were willing to pay two drastically different prices for the same bottle of beer because your perception influenced your price limit.

Now put this within the context of being a Sugar Baby. You’d like your Sugar Daddy to give you a higher allowance, but you’re afraid he’ll say no. So you take the next logical step: You ask for less than what you really want.

But I can guarantee you this one thing: if you lowball yourself, your Sugar Daddy will immediately get suspicious as to why you’re willing to settle for less – and he won’t value you as a Sugar Baby as much.

It’s all about perception and power. Make him believe that you’re worth more by asking for more. Nine times out of ten, he’ll not only be happy to raise your allowance – he’ll be relieved you’re asking for more.

Keeping this discovery in mind, the only logical way to negotiate a higher allowance is by developing the perception of your worth.

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I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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