Invoking the mind’s eye of your Sugar Daddy

Okay ladies, I want you to think back to the last time you watched a movie. Maybe it was the Hunger Games, or maybe it was the latest Ryan Gosling flick (I won’t blame you for that one!).

I want you to think of a moment in that movie where the main character got into a fight scene. Got it in your mind’s eye? Now I want you to think back to how you felt when the main character got injured. And not just injured slightly, either. I mean the kind of cringing injury that made you shrink up and look away in pain.

You don’t need a psychologist to tell you why you looked away with a mix of sympathy and horror. It’s because you pictured yourself in the same situation, and you probably imaged how much it would hurt you.
So why exactly do our bodies respond this way?

There are bundles of cells in the human brain called mirror neurons that activate when you observe or perform an action. The problem is, these mirror neurons can’t distinguish between observation and performance…

…So, when your favorite leading man get beaten up, your mirror neurons fire-up, and your brain thinks you’re experiencing the same physical injuries as well.

So here’s the million dollar question: How can you use these mirror neurons to influence Sugar Daddies with responding to your personal ad?

From the start of your personal ad, you have to capture the attention of your potential sugar daddy. You only have a small window from the time he sees your picture, to reading your headline and the personal ad itself. Think of your personal ad in the same way as a website. How many times have you clicked away from a website because it was boring, filled with grammatical errors, or just not what you were looking for?

The same rule of thumb applies to your Sugar Daddy dating profile. You just need to remember one thing: when Sugar Daddies can visualize you in their mind’s eye (like your favorite leading man!), and is emotionally stimulated, he will be able to picture himself being with you. And all of this will motivate him to connect and peruse you.
And all you have to do to get him to this state is pick the right words.

For example, take a look at how I started this blog post:
“Okay ladies, I want you to think back to the last time you watched a movie.”

Instead of launching right into a boring lecture about firing nuerons and mirror images, I lured you into a visual mindset that really captured this important lesson for you. This is called invoking the mind’s eye – and that’s the best way to activate mirror neurons with text.

Why does this help you influence Sugar Daddies online? Well, when you stimulate an emotion from your potential sugar daddy, they’re more likely to respond to you.

It’s really that simple. You may forget what a friend said but you will not remember how they made you feel. That emotional connection is what the best Sugar Babies attain with their profiles and pictures.

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