Payless or Nordstrom: Do you Know Your Sugar Baby Value?

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When it comes to your Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship, there’s only one truth that you need to know: if you don’t set your value, your Sugar Daddy will.

And whether he does it on purpose or not, he’s going to set that value pretty darn low.

Unfortunately, many novice Sugar Babies make the mistake of letting their Sugar Daddies take the reins in determining their overall value. Perhaps they inherently believe that they’re not worth much, or maybe they’re too afraid to speak up for fear of turning off their Sugar Daddies.

Whatever the case may be, deciding your own Sugar Baby value will determine whether you go on shopping sprees at Nordstrom, or are reduced to buying last season’s shoes at Payless. Prevent this disaster from happening by using these tips and techniques:

· Determine Your Market Value. It might feel strange quantifying your qualities and characteristics, but you certainly don’t want your Sugar Daddy to do it for you! To determine your market value, consider the qualities that make you unique and fabulous. Do you have a way with words? Can you dance with the best of them? Let your Sugar Daddy know that you have plenty of characteristics that make you unique – and he’ll have to pay for the privilege of experiencing them.

· Establish Your Personal Value. You’re a smart, funny and eclectic woman – so don’t downgrade your own personal value! Write down the positive personality traits that make you so special. It will remind yourself that you’re worth every penny that your Sugar Daddy spends on you.

· Communicate Your Expectations. Of course, none of this introspection really matters unless you communicate your expectations to your Sugar Daddy. Provide him with a specific budget, and you’ll be taking the upper hand in establishing your own worth.

How do you determine your value as a Sugar Baby?

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