How to Test your Sugar Daddy without Turning him Away from You

For many sugar babies, it can be difficult to determine just what their sugar daddies are prepared to do for them. So if you’re curious to see how far your sugar daddy will really go for you, then why not set up a little test for him?

To test your sugar daddy without losing him, use smaller requests rather than grander gestures if you want to determine just how far he’ll go for you. That way, he won’t realize that you’re testing him – and you won’t have to deal with a sugar daddy that’s so angry that he wants to leave you!Try asking if he can cover an unexpected bill for you. If you think that taking off your clothes will guarantee that he’ll say yes, then think again: it severely limits your sugar daddy’s desire to do more for you. Additionally, it can undercut your sugar daddy’s respect for you. A sugar baby should never equate sex with getting more things – after all, that’s heading into escort territory!

Instead, appeal to his emotional and intellectual side. Ask calmly and politely; if he says no, don’t pout. It might be time to find another sugar daddy to supplement your extra expenses – or a new sugar daddy that’s willing to do more for you!

What do you do to test your Sugar Daddy?

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