A Sugar Story: How To Play Your Position

A Sugar Story: How To Play Your Position

A Sugar Baby was meeting up with her Sugar Daddy for dinner.

The Sugar, from experience, knew if she asked him to go shopping, her Sugar Daddy would avoid taking her as he was getting off work and was looking forward to seeing her and enjoying their time together, but would reply: “Another time!”

So, the tactful Sugar said, “Mind meeting me for cocktails before our reservation at 8p?”

The place wasn’t far from the restaurant and was close to plenty of shops, so her Sugar Daddy obliged, and no sooner were they at the bar having cocktails when the Sugar said: “Mind going for a stroll as we have plenty of time left before dinner- the weather is so nice?”

The restaurant now wasn’t too far from the bar, so her Sugar Daddy again obliged.

Immediately, the Sugar said, “Do you like that dress in the window?”

Her Sugar Daddy said yes.

“Mind me trying it on for you?”…she asked.

Swell idea he said!

They went inside the boutique; he went inside the dressing room with her and soon after he was buying the dress.

I ask you, could her Sugar Daddy refuse!

The Takeaway:

Setting up different scenarios so the only answer he can give you is a YES, is key.

The “NO” answer, if he gives, has a lot of fear in it for him.

That Fear? He won’t get what he wants.

If he said, “No, I’m not going to buy it for you.” He’s going to be afraid that you are going to cut him off.

A man will do anything for that feeling of euphoria. Considering he sees you as worth it (THE PRIZE). You see, knowing how to play your position with proper timing works.

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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