How to use other platforms and invest in yourself to meet your ideal Sugar Daddy

How to use other platforms and invest in yourself to meet your ideal Sugar Daddy

I’m strategic with where I attract my relationships.

It’s not just a matter of where.

It’s also a matter of “why?”

The “why” is, “Why am I looking for this person?”

I believe our relationships matter. And the experiences we want and who we put ourselves around play a HUGE role in our lives.

The turning point was when I started to focus on the direction of my life, things became more clear.

Who I was wanting to attract was aligned with the reason I was here; my profiles was speaking directly to my ideal Sugar Daddy’s. And how I was using a dating site changed (wasn’t wasting anymore time), along with how I responded to “what are you looking for?” was more focused vs winging it that’s he’ll somehow provide because he knew what I was looking for.

Because of new what I was going about this, I was able to expand outside of the Sugar Daddy dating sites. Which led me to LinkedIn.

You might be thinking, “How did you really end up there?”

Before I started matchmaking, every Sugar Daddy that was an executive or professional that I came across was there. And it would only stand to reason to place myself there too. (Yes, the Walk-through version is coming.)

I was selecting other platforms focused around the things that I was into (or wanted to experience.)

I’m a big foodie.

I started my own meetup around dining out (using Why? People come together around food, regardless of their income bracket.

Being the organizer – I was able to have my pick. (Ohhhh yes, the guide of how to setup your own events to attract prospects is coming, before you even ask.) As being the organizer, it allowed me to screen members. I got creative with my vetting process to determine who was single, and MORE.
I golf, so I would frequent certain golf ranges. But not just any range. It would have to be high end and where there wasn’t a membership. I would see someone swinging and ask them about their form.

I like intellectuals, so I would go to history museums and discussions focused around topics of interest to me… I would place myself in the environments where I would meet men that shared interests with me.

Don’t forget events!

I was in Detroit at a Techno fest (you’d best believe I can wave a strobe light nobody’s business lol).

The media was covering it. I met a reporter, who introduced me to an editor of his newspaper.

We connected.

He invited me to the chancellors ball for Michigan University where I met amazing people (people who I read about and saw on TV).

He became a good connection to have.

Speaking of connections, don’t forget women who have a network you can use. Don’t sleep on this. Through women who attended prestigious school you can gain access to their alumni. And while out with the men I would go out with, I made it my business to meet women when the opportunity presented itself.

When coaching others, we get creative with thinking outside the box. I’ll have to put a compilation together of stuff we’ve done.

But to stimulate your creativity on the possibilities that you can create for yourself, I’ll share what one client did.

Now, people come to me for various reasons…. but everyone’s end goal is the same, and that’s to be in a better place from where they are.

Let’s call my client, Jane.

Jane didn’t want to use a Sugar Daddy dating site.

Instead, we focused on her goals. She was in grad school with an interest in finance and wanted to meet people with money and build up her contacts.

I crafted a game plan which started with a podcast leveraging her student status.
We crafted a pitch to the people in the finance world.


So Jane could build up relationships and leverage them… these people were millionaires. She was able to speak to them 1-on-1 and leverage a few of those connections. She met some in person and started dating one.

Now back to me…

All of these platforms wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t put in the work to get me there. And that also goes for Jane.

I had to become a better writer to communicate on the level these SD’s expected.

I had to get out of my shell and learn to network. And don’t forget learning how to manage a meetup and hosting events. And a lot of other skill sets I needed to polish in order to show up when and where it was best for me to meet potential SDs. Along with nurturing the relationship to have him want to provide.

Otherwise… I wouldn’t have been able to set myself apart and operate outside of normal expectations.

I found coaches of my own and took courses and workshops.

I invested in myself before expecting a payoff.

Take the time to do the same – you’re worth it!

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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