How to withstand the ever changing Sugar Bowl

How to withstand the ever changing Sugar Bowl

Back in 2013 I wrote a guide for my clients on how to find a Sugar Daddy with Craigslist.

Specifically, Craigslist personals.

The strategy was pretty epic too…

Basically, it was showing women how to:

  • Use Craigslist in 7days using copy/paste script…
  • Pre-qualify someone with ONLY one message & move it to a phone conversation…
  • Leverage their date …
  • After the date, set the relationship parameters

The process was straight forward. It was simple. And it worked.

So I shared it with my private clients, because I believed in it.


Then FOSTA-SESTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act – Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) bill was passed on February 27, 2018.

It changed the entire game. No longer was Craigslist (US) available for personals. And after the fallout of Backpage, the dating landscape was FOREVER changed.

It was a catastrophic failure.

But the scariest part?

My method I had used for years, and taught my clients to use was no longer effective, because the platform had been taken away.

All my clients who were ‘only’ using Craigslist experienced their well drying up in an instant.

It was scary.

And, it taught me a huge lesson I will keep reminding you of…

Don’t ever rely on one platform.

Use Multiple Platforms

Don’t rely on SeekingArrangement. Don’t rely on SugarDaddie. Don’t rely on ANY one platform.


You do NOT control it.

They can make changes at any moment (and often – they do). SeekingArrangement closed its doors to their SeekingMillionaire dating site along with Carrot Dating, they just went POOF… and were no longer there.

One random day, all of the apps in the Apple store no longer supported “Sugar Daddy” dating apps. They had to change the verbiage. Even SeekingArrangement changed its name to ‘Seeking’.


Sites Come & Go

So my advice is, use these platforms while you can but never rely on them. Don’t base your entire lifestyle around them and create a situation where you are dependent on anything other than yourself.

Because one day they probably won’t be there – or – they may even kick you off.

Hone your skills. Evolve yourself. Keep Learning. (knowledge will never leave you).

What knowledge?

Becoming better at attracting the right relationships and learn how to communicate your needs/wants to have another person want to happily provide the very thing you want. And think you’re still worth more than you’re asking for.

No one can take that away from you.

Dating sites can come and go.

But ain’t no one gonna be able to take what you know and how to do it.

It’s the ultimate security in life.

Learn from other’s mistakes… and save yourself the pain of making them.

  • Know how to attract the right people (in-person and online).
  • Create the right seduction environment.
  • Pave the way for that person to provide.
  • Make wise decisions when it comes your money.

…and you’ll sleep easy at night knowing your lifestyle is secure.

Stay Sweet.

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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