I hate asking for what I want…

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Here’s a phrase I hear from Sugar Babies far too often:

“I hate asking for what I want.”

Of course you hate asking! Anyone that isn’t a narcissist or completely unaware of social graces, is going to hate asking.
I hate asking too.

But here’s what you’re going to have to understand if you ever want to successfully build your lifestyle as a Sugar Baby…
It’s not about you.

“Asking” is focused on you.

Real, successful Sugar Babies are “saleswomen” who are focused on other people. You are in the business of selling yourself.
You need three things to build your Sugar Baby platform:

• You – the Sugar Baby
• Sugar Daddies – the buyers
• The need – the why

When a Sugar Baby is trying to get what she wants and creating a foundation without the “why” you lose out on the sell.

What is your why?

Every Sugar Baby I’ve met has a “why”.

Oh, do I hear you saying,

• “Taylor, the ‘why’ is that I want to pay tuition for school”
• “Taylor, the ‘why” is that I need financial help and need to get out of debt before I completely drown”
• “Taylor, the ‘why’ is that I want to start a business and create a better life for myself”
• “Taylor, the ‘why’ is that [insert why you need what you want here]

Okay, I get it, but I want you to STOP right there.

How are you going to attract a Sugar Daddy to provide you with what you want?

I want you to put yourself in your Sugar Daddies shoes for just a minute.

This is the place you find your cure to asking for what you want and actually getting it.

When you identify your “why” and make everything you do about that, you are only focusing on what you will get out of the relationship and not about the person needs.

Now ask yourself, “Why would a Sugar Daddy want to date me?” You have found your “why!”

When you are only focusing on what you want out of the relationship the “asking for what you want makes it difficult” because you are only concerned about yourself.

However, that awkward feeling of asking disappears when you focus on your “why” that is focused on your potential Sugar Daddy, making the connection to your Sugar Daddy, and understanding what it is that he wants from you.

Once you are deeply connected to your potential Sugar Daddy, it becomes much easier to ask for what you want. Sure, you want what you want. But it’s bigger than that.

You can’t get what you want without the cooperation of Sugar Daddies.

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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