Sugar Babies: How Can You Ask For What You’re Worth – And Get It?

Cost and worth are two different things.

You could throw out a price for an allowance and hope for the best…

…Or you can take matters into your own hands, and watch Sugar Daddies eagerly LINE UP to provide you want you want.

I know you prefer the latter, and that’s why you’ll love this.

The most successful Sugar Babies understand how to ask for exactly what they’re worth. Best of all, they know precisely what they’re worth.

They don’t undervalue themselves.

They don’t low-ball their allowance so they don’t risk offending or upsetting their Sugar Daddies.

So how can you embrace the valuable lessons they know?

It has to do with combining the powers of persuasion with marketing…and once you know how to do this, you’ll be able to ask for what you’re worth with confidence and poise.

By now you know that smart Sugar Babies who want to use online Sugar Daddy Dating websites must master the field of human behavior to thrive in today’s overcrowded Sugar World of Sugar Babies.

You want to develop a deep understanding of the psychology of your Sugar Daddy, so you can sell him exactly what they want and in the process getting what you want. I use behavior techniques to entice Sugar Daddies in doing stuff that that secretly want to do.

So just what are some of the secret techniques and tips I know?

I’ll give you a little taste of them now:

*The one question Sugar Babies ask that raises a “red flag,” and proves that they’re destined to fail.

*The “secret sauce” that powers a successful Sugar Baby (and yes, this same “recipe” can work for you too).

*Why you should spend more time perfecting your personal ad … seeking out quality Sugar Daddies rather than just looking for a stampede of Sugar Daddies.

*How you can get what you’re worth and actually get it! (Hint: It’s all about understanding what goes on inside the mind of your Sugar Daddies).

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  1. Jezebel LeFleur

    What is the one questions SB’s ask that raise red flags??

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      When a Sugar Baby asks a man…”How much do you make a year?”, “What’s your net worth?”, “Are you sincere about a relationship?”, & “How Big is your C*ck?”…just to name a few… as you can see they are “financially and sexually driven questions.

  2. rva

    This is the first time I have actually seen advice given to someone in a social networking setting that actually is applicable to the very core of living a successful and productive life in and out of business. That core concept is that the most happy and content people in life are those that are surrounded by admirers both in and out of their social circle. And the reason they are admired is one fact. They inherently know how to sell or market themselves. I have never seen this one truth deviated from in my years as a SD or as far as that goes as a successful business man.

    1. Post
    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Your profile isn’t about you. It’s all about who you are targeting. You write to attract who you are seeking. Your headline reels him in with the hook, your about section sells what you are selling, and the one you are seeking section reflects himself with you based on how you are wanting to be perceived.

  3. Min


    I want to take this opportunity and thank you ladies for your comments and advice, and Taylor from the bottom of my heart thank you for all your advice, I think I’ve read most of what you have written xxx

    I want to ask when a SD asks about what you expect as an allowance how do you respond to that?

    I’m London, UK based.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      It’s not a matter of the amount that you want. Can the person afford to do so? Do you even know? Is he married? If you don’t know the answers you’ll need to find out. All Sugar Daddies have a budget, and not all Sugar Daddies can afford what you want. What does he want? What does he expect? What is he looking for? Ultimately if you are seeking an allowance than you will look for someone who can afford you. Which means are you attracting someone who can afford you based on what you are looking for?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      There are no magic words to put together. You have to start by understanding who your Sugar Daddy is and if he wants to give in that way. Do you even know? You can start by communicating with him, to better position yourself and ask. If you are wanting a specific game plan and craft an approach perhaps we should talk.

  4. Shea

    How personal should a SB get? Example: Should I tell him that I’m a single parent and am getting my Masters Degree? Or is it better to keep the focus on lighter topics? Thank you for your helpful advice.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Why would your SD care AND for what benefit? When you answer that question, it’ll help determine how personal you should get based on the target you have.

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