Sugar Daddies: Sexual Bargaining About Condom Use

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“15% of new HIV cases have been found in adults over 50. Other STDs higher too. Older men don’t like condoms but no one likes AIDS or STDs.” Dr. Ruth

“Condoms are less likely to be used in sugar daddy relationships than in other non-marital sexual partnerships…Condoms are also less likely to be used in relationships with large age differences (10 or more years) and in relationships that involve large amounts of material assistance.” Leila Darabi

Don’t let your Sugar Daddy negotiate with you about not using condoms. Receiving money (allowance) and/or presents can lead to poor judgment calls and life-altering consequences.
Sugar Daddies will try to trick you into having unprotected sex. “Condoms are uncomfortable.” “I can’t feel anything with a condom.” “I want to be closer to you.” “If you want this relationship with me, you’ll do it.” “I promise I’ll pull out in time.”

“If the condom is actually causing the guy discomfort, it means two things: he has the wrong size and/or he’s sensitive to the latex, spermicide, or other chemicals used. Fear not, there is a condom for him out there. There are many, many brands of condoms to choose from, often with silly names and/or fruit flavors. At this point, you could stock an entire Wal-Mart entirely with condom brands. (I believe there’s a brand that glows in the dark at this point.) There are many types for guys of all sizes, even those with sensitive wangs. Ask him specifically what is making him uncomfortable. If he’s legitimately uncomfortable, there are many solutions. Why not go to the store with him and pick out a brand together?”

Yes, condoms aren’t 100% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs, but they are 100% more effective than the pull-out method. “The condom is uncomfortable” is never a good excuse. You know what is more uncomfortable? The feeling of a burning sensation when you pee.


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