Why Should A Sugar Daddy Date You?

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Why should a Sugar Daddy date you? What makes you any different than the thousands of other Sugar Babies with great looks, great personalities, that are attractive, in shape, educated (going to school), has goals, and outgoing? I just really would like to know. And I mean come on let’s be realistic here, a Sugar Daddy that has his own cozy relaxing place, a job (or an owner), makes great money, is educated in all areas is a Sugar Daddy that is hard to find who is willing to invest in a Sugar Baby. He has likely spent his business life making choices and is an expert at seeking value.

The thing that tickles me the most is how every Sugar Baby wants to find this Sugar Daddy that can provide them with an allowance & gifts, but they never have anything to say about how exactly they are going to make a Sugar Daddy life any better.

I never hear a Sugar Baby say, I will suggest books for my Sugar Daddy to read so that their intellect can expand. I never hear a Sugar Baby say I will introduce my Sugar Daddy to different genres of music and art to aid in their lyrical growth and artistic development. I never hear a Sugar Baby say that I will be their escape from their day to day reality. I never hear a Sugar Baby say they want to be the void that my Sugar Daddy is missing. It tickles me, but I never read these things. I often read of Sugar Babies expectations of what they want from these Sugar Daddies. I guess most search for what they can get out of a Sugar Daddy. That’s fine, but just ask yourself this question, why should a Sugar Daddy date you? Perhaps in asking this question not only will you learn more about yourself, you will learn about things that will improve the quality of your next Sugar Daddy relationship(s).

Keep in mind that everything in life happens in seasons. In some seasons everything grows and comes to life. In other seasons things get cold and lose their life energy. But keep in mind that as a Sugar Baby you will have good days as well as bad always come around again. The key to being a successful Sugar Baby it is to be prepared for both, embrace them, face them, and adjust accordingly. I hope that this post has been an inspiration to some, and an eye opener to all. Be adventurous, be the change, be the Sugar Baby you want to be and attract the Sugar Daddy you want to be with!

If you managed to find a Sugar Daddy and meeting him the first time: What things can you do to make the first meeting go well?

I asked this question to my Sugar Daddy: “What do you look for when you meet a Sugar Baby for the first time?”

(Background: My Sugar Daddy is a Traditional SD, wealthy, and he is my confidant and I love him dearly)

“Safety. So my first and most important tests are: can I trust her, is this a scam, will she be discrete, can she keep a secret. So I am looking for eye contact, does the story make sense, what does she say about others, friends and old SD’s, if she talks bad about them then she will likely talk bad about me. Until I am satisfied with her trust worthiness all else comes second. Then I would look for ease of interaction, was conversation strained, do we have some common interest, am I attracted to her physically, is she intelligent, what are her goals does she have goals, is she fun to be around, does she like to eat out, and does she have other means of support.” Sugar Daddy John

My quick Tips for a First Meeting:

-Be engaging
-Make Eye Contact
-Guide the Conversation (to get him to reveal himself to you)
-Body Contact: if the timing works – hand contact briefly (even if it’s reaching for the same thing)
-Holding his hand while you are talking to him) Side-Note: This makes an instant connection & is Powerful!
-Give a compliment
-Flirt with your Eyes
-Share something that you are passionate about
-Be open and Truthful in what you choose to share

Bonus Tip: If you have an idea of what he is interested in – bring him something. For an example if you know his favorite Author – bring a book and hand-write a note with something sweet on it and place it in the book. You will leave a lasting impression

I asked one of my Sugar Daddies: “What do you see in me?” He said: “You are my Oasis in a Desert.”

Be the oasis in your Sugar Daddy life and if you manage this…you will be wildly successful!

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