The 3-Step Formula to Landing Sugar Daddies

Today, I’m going to show you how I slapped a jetpack on my Sugar Daddy success growth.

And more importantly, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did so you can model it.

What’s better is this:

Even though I used this simple strategy to increase my Success, you can use this framework to getting more quality dates with Sugar Daddies to loyal Sugar Daddies.

You ready?

The 3-Step Formula to Landing Sugar Daddies

Let’s get one thing straight:

Yes, I used this 3-step formula to land a Sugar Daddy. So why am I giving it away for free?

That’s simple. You see, when I give away sure-fire formulas that get you results, I demonstrate to you that my material works.

That way, when I release my premium training product, you won’t wonder “does it work?” Instead, you’ll think “is this right for me?”

Now let me walk you through this 3-step formula.

Step 1: Discover Your Unique Sugar Baby Allure

Here’s the most important step, and if you plan on skipping it, you might as well stop reading right now.

When you are trying to find a sugar daddy, you’ve got to fill a need within your sugar daddy and you want to position yourself as the one that can provide it.

I know that sounds complicated, but it’s not. All you’ve got to do is this:

First, You are not going to appeal to all Sugar Daddies. Reread that AND Reread that again. Not all Sugar Daddies will be subjective to your charm and that is okay. You are not going to attract every single Sugar Daddy and that is ok. Figure out what makes you unique and why a Sugar Daddy would want to be with you.

Second, Write those unique qualities about you on a piece of paper, and then begin to write in a way to attract the Sugar Daddy you want.

And that unique allure is all that matters.

I’ll say that one more time…

To be a successful Sugar Baby, you don’t need to look like a super model. You need a unique Sugar Baby Allure. Tweet This

Nothing works better than a real-life example, so here’s mine:

I decided I wanted to find a Sugar Daddy that could be marriage material. He had to have owned a business, no kids, travels and had to be financially well off to provide for me and also had a disposable income in which he can also assist in my own business endeavors.

So what did I plan on doing to find him?

Instead of just writing a profile I specifically wrote for the Sugar Daddy I wanted. Instead of me describing the type of Sugar Daddy I wanted from the above I wrote my profile to stimulate his mind to draw him in. I began attracting higher caliber of Sugar Daddies. But having a unique allure wasn’t enough…

Yes, when you’re using the “find a Sugar Daddy” formula, having a unique allure is vital, but you also need something more.

And that’s where this next section comes into play.

Step 2: How to Build Anticipation The Right Way

Why focus on building anticipation?

That anticipation builds desire.
That anticipation gets Sugar Daddies to respond.
That anticipation opens what’s known as an information gap, and people can’t wait to fill it.

(When there is a gap between what people know and don’t know, they seek to fill it. This was first discovered by George Loewenstein, and it’s called “information gap theory.”)

How Do You Build That Anticipation?

That’s easy.

You tell Sugar Daddies what they want to hear, but you’re not too specific about it. You give details, but hold back the real meat.

For example, when I put up a profile I would do it in a way that not only stimulated the minds of these potential Sugar Daddies but they were responding. I positioned myself as a never-ending book that they wanted to learn more.

Within the profile I controlled what emotions I wanted the Potential Sugar Daddy to feel and “evoke an emotion” within him and guided him on what to do next.

And what happened? Sugar Daddies were responding.

The reality is this: Most Sugar Daddies aren’t going to read your profile. You want to grab their attention with your Headline and say more with fewer words to build that anticipation. You get two chances to grab attention instead of one: Headline and the content in your profile.

Anticipation works.

Step 3: How to Deliver

Here’s where things get sticky…

When you build anticipation, you’ve got to deliver. I know that sounds simple, but I’ve found that when people just do what they say they’re going to do, they’re light years ahead of everyone else.

Cynical, yes, but still true.

Now if you really want to woo your potential Sugar Daddies… and ensure that these Sugar Daddies KNOW you brought the goods… you should over deliver.

Here’s how:

1. The reply from when he responds to your ad – For example, after you write you ad it doesn’t stop. You are a never ending book and that continues. Continue your Sugar Baby Allure from your profile to the replies that you will send back to these potential Sugar Daddies. You want to keep the image you want to have with them and continue to guide them. This is the perfect place to gather information from your Sugar Daddy by asking him what he is missing and things that interest him. The key here is to get to know him and understand him and build trust. You also want to qualify your Sugar Daddy. Can he afford you?

2. Trust – Taking it offline and meeting. Your first meeting is essential for building trust.

3. DELIVER – You can’t get around this. No matter what allure that you used to reel in your potential sugar daddy, you’ve got to make sure you’re delivering what is that they want but in the same time getting what you want.

And that’s it.

You’re set. Now here’s what I want you to do:

If you found this article helpful, share it with other Sugar Babies. ReBlog – Sharing is Sexy.

I hope to help as many Sugar Babies as possible with my free content, and I need you to help spread the word. So, thank you.

But now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

First, you’ll need to come up with what you’d like to achieve. Remember, it can be anything.
But here are some things to consider:

How will you keep your Sugar Daddy intrigued?
How will you ask for what you want?
How do you sustain your relationship for the long haul?
How do you take the financial generosity of your Sugar Daddy and double it?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be well on your way towards accelerating your Sugar Daddy dating success.

Want to put these Formula’s & techniques to use? Then join up with the Formula…and start learning the exact secrets to get exactly what you’re worth from your Sugar Daddy!

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  1. Jezebel LeFleur

    I really appreciate the questions presented at the end of this article. The question that stuck out to me the most was “How will you keep your SD intrigued? ” This is a really good question because I believe that once your SD feels like he has you all figured out he will begin to lose interest and quite possibly replace you. So, I will now come up with ways in order to keep him on his toes and wanting more from me.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      That’s right! You always want to be an never-ending book. That’s why it is important not to tell your life story in your profile. Let them get to know you and reveal more of yourself as time passes. If you always do something a certain way…switch it up a bit. Keep him wanting more. Once you start to feel like you are in a routine and know what to expect from your Sugar Daddy…that should be your wake-up call!

  2. Gisibelle

    I’m a sugarbaby looking on tips to enhance my profile to attract the right match for me. Any suggestions ?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      You want to focus on your target/ideal Sugar Daddy and place yourself in his shoes. Your profile is NOT about you and ALL about the one you are wanting to attract. What would he rather hear: Your love for shopping OR The things that you like that he can envision himself doing those things with you? Evoke an emotion with your words to get him to respond.

    2. Post
      Taylor Jones

      The profile is NOT about you and has everything to do with who you want to attract. Write for the one you are wanting to attract. Also check out these tips on making your profile work for you than against you here.

  3. Victoria

    Can a sugar baby still become successful if she is currently married

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Of course a Sugar Baby can! But, with that comes the risk of the husband finding out. And now how much does the marriage means to her if he did and wanted a divorce? Ashley Madison is popular for a reason. Whether in a marriage, in a relationship, or being single. There is one issue that all must face: How well can you market yourself to attract your ideal Sugar Daddy and setup the relationship you want? It will come down to how well you can sell yourself and attracting a higher caliber of man, and can you be successful at doing that?

  4. kj

    Is there a way for you to write me a profile that will attract potential sugar daddies lure them in ofcourse i know theyll want intimacy but want to open up that arena down the road

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Hey there, I do offer profile writing services and you can go here:

      However, this is what you’ll get when you invest: ONE Sugar Baby CLARITY QUESTIONNAIRE to refine your profile and unlock your Sugar Baby Allure so your profile sings with your one-of-a-kind voice, FOUR Titillating Headlines that will tease your Sugar Daddies into reading more. (You got options!), ONE ARTFULLY CRAFTED ABOUT that tells a story that will make your Sugar Daddies fall in love with you. And ONE SEDUCTIVE SEEKING Section that makes your potential feel as though he is the ONE.

  5. liyah

    Im a new sugar baby. I have found what seems to be my match but i am trying to figure out how to exactly put it that i only want an arrangement where its nothing serious, just fun. I would need him to cover my tuition.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Hey Liyah,

      You can be upfront with what you are looking for in terms of building the foundation of the relationship but you can’t stop a person from developing feelings for you. After all, you know what you want but in order to get what you want you will have to offer something in return and that is what your potential SD is seeking from you. If you found a possible match than how you feel about the relationship you would want to tell him so that he can determine if what you are proposing would be what he is wanting.

  6. MP

    I’m new to this lifestyle and have been doing a lot of research. I have been approached on a dating app to be a potential SB, and his request before anything happens, is to get tested first, which is not an issue at all, but also to go through a “performance test” with his tester/best friend. Is that common amongst potential SD and SB relationships? Thanks!

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Is this something that you would want to do? After all, why would you want to? You are not a car in which they can test drive. Don’t get caught up in the moment in hopes of receiving something that you lose sight of what is happening. People will take advantage and don’t be naive in thinking that they have your best interest at hand. Be cautious. If you don’t understand this lifestyle than start by understanding it. I have my book available on Amazon. It can serve as your guide. If you are wanting me to teach you than I would recommend seeing if we are a good fit in working together and I invite you to setup a consult with me via my strategy session. This is your LIFE. I take that seriously. As how you plan to navigate this lifestyle is what you’ll receive out of it. A performance test is not common at all.

  7. Jessica

    So last week I put up a profile on seeking arrangements and I’ve never done this before. My profile I believe was pretty good, my interests, my likes, and my personality perks and a cute picture as I am 38 but definitely don’t look or feel like it! I got 4 immediate responses and really thought I found a good fit. He asked for my phone number and we started texting, a lot. He wanted my full name and eventually my bank name and account number once we decided to go forward and now for the last few days I haven’t been getting responses like before and I’m afraid that I told him so much about myself that there is maybe no “mystery” left for him and we have texted about when to meet up and I have told him to just let me know when he will be in town and is available so now I have no idea what’s going on. Also, right after he got my phone number and we connected he requested that I remove my profile, which I promptly did and I’m desperately broke and thinking about just putting my profile back up bc I’m running out of time but I also don’t want to piss him off at me bc it sounded like a great set up but I need to know how much time he will want from me as I’m new to this state and need income. I just thought we were going to be on fire and then the flame got blown out so quickly that I feel that I made some kind of mistake but have no clue what it was? What should I do?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Hey Jessica, what you would want to do is take a step back for a moment. Currently you jumped in the water without knowing how to swim. You want to have a better understanding of what you are doing, and why would another person want to give you what you want? What will you have to do to get it? Our own behavior will dictate the experience we receive out of this. You already gave bank info? Don’t put yourself in a situation to get scammed if a person hasn’t proved themselves with you. If you are jumping the gun you are leading with your issues and focusing on what you hope to get and that isn’t a good place to be. I would need to have more of an in-depth discussion with you to understand how you are going about this. If you think that you where on fire and his actions are displaying another…well there is a disconnect. Some times people will be in the moment with you. But you can control the experience you want someone to have with you to keep them intrigued. In regards to what you should do, is not a simple answer to provide. There are a lot of missing factors that are unsaid. But what it appears to have happen you are not guiding it to go anywhere. If you want someone to take action you have to point them in a direction. So in fact you did do something. You left the ball in his court. Who has the control he does. You did all these things for a possibility. Took down your profile for what? Gave him your bank info for what? And gave him your full name PLUS bank info (and you haven’t even met) for what? You did all this for someone you haven’t met and has done nothing for you. His value to you is ZERO. What should you do, perhaps my book could help guide you with a better understanding, and perhaps in speaking with me you create a better game plan on how to navigate this lifestyle effectively.

      1. Jessica

        Thank you so much, I have realized that in hindsight what I did with him was stupid. I am now more comfortable with asking for what I want and what they want and it seems to be working. I guess I had to learn from my mistakes. Hopefully he doesn’t get into my bank account….ugh.

  8. Jada

    Hi my name is Jada and I don’t know how to say what I’m looking for from a sugar daddy I’m a new sugar baby and I need your help on what to say in my profile

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Perhaps my mini crash course on profile writing can get you going if you don’t already have any of my books. You can access it by clicking here.

  9. jill

    hey I get a lot of vague opening questions and i struggle to know how specific and direct to make my responses. if his second message to me says something like “hey, what can i do to make your life easier?” or “what sort of things could i do to impress you?” do i just flat out say “welp, I’d love it if you’d order me this makeup palette off my amazon wishlist”? do I lead with something equally vague like “that really all depends on what you’re willing to do….”? do i completely avoid the topic of money yet as not to appear too desperate/money focused, saying something like “haha well i’ve got a lot of paper to get through grading if your idea of fun is proofreading grad student papers 😉 😉 ;)” like im usually pretty good at knowing what to say but if they present right off the bat with this im stuck

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      You would want to create a system for yourself on how to lead someone in a direction and gain control of the conversation. You are marketing yourself. And when you engage with someone you are creating a form of an experience. Now, if your method of being direct works when someone asks you what you want from what you referenced. Keep doing what works. But I have found that it doesn’t work. Why? The don’t know you, and you don’t know them. And they will judge what you say to weed you out without emotionally taking the time to invest in you. You would need to redirect the conversation. That direction would be based on where you are trying to take it. Better methods = Better results. If you are wanting to learn mine. Perhaps we should see if we are a good fit.

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