What Other Sugar Babies Won’t Tell You When it Comes to Sugar Daddy Dating

Question: “I tried to talk to other sugar babies regarding where I should go to meet sugar daddies and they basically didn’t want to tell. So I’m wondering, if all sugar babies are lying about having a sugar daddy and out for themselves?” Puzzled SB

“Aren’t women supposed to mistrust each other?”

That’s a common view. “They” say that women mistrust other woman because we’ve been raised to compete with each other for men. In that sense, “the other woman” is my natural enemy. Within this lifestyle it’s lonely, and it can seem as if you are going at this alone and navigating this lifestyle can be frustrating at times. But it is within the power of a network that we can change all that around.

I know what it’s like.
I was clueless to this lifestyle. I didn’t know where to begin nor what I should be doing next. I didn’t know where to go to ask for help and I surely didn’t know which information I should trust. I didn’t how to ask for what I wanted, how to setup the foundation for my success, and I didn’t know how to take the financial generosity of my Sugar Daddy to get him to invest in me. I would have done anything to have someone experienced when I was getting started and be surrounded by others facing the same issues.

By being here; I am sure you feel the same way. This is one of the reasons I created the SD Formula and opened up the Sugar Baby Support Group for all because the power of a network is priceless.

So, where does one go to “meet Sugar Daddies”… to sum it up in a nutshell: You go where they are.
It is as simple as that.

Now how you get there is the question.

You will find a lot of the same advice: go to charities, volunteer, go to networking events, go to exclusive places, go to airline lounges like Delta Sky Club, high-end restaurants, AND Sugar Daddy dating sites etc.

But the truth is; ALL these places will NOT work for the average Sugar Baby. Why? Because she isn’t sophisticated or savvy enough to mix within that crowd. She doesn’t know the right people. She can’t afford to go to those places. She doesn’t know what to do on a dating site. (Just signing up to a site isn’t going to provide you with the Sugar Baby lifestyle you desire.)

What that means:
You become a better catch by perfecting who you are, You become savvy enough to know that the friends who you hang around matters to where you are trying to go, you have to evolve your social network because they can get you into those exclusive places. You become strategic at marketing yourself. You invest in yourself. It takes work, but a lot of people don’t tell you that. It’s a gradual process.

You could say luck and timing plays a part but the reality is that you have to be savvy enough to know how to network. With practice comes experience and that comes knowledge. Where you go depends on who you are wanting to attract and where you end up depends on how well you can play the part.

If you’re serious about this lifestyle and wanting to know how I can help you just- read the testimonial below. Then imagine what it would be like for YOU to have that kind of support… instead of doing things blindly, doing the wrong things, and/or procrastinating because you don’t know what to do next.

“Before we talked, I had my guard up because I didn’t know you. And the only reason I even gave you a chance was because you were referred to me. But I was still had my doubts. My initial expectation was that you were maybe just out to make money. After getting to know you, I understand that you don’t take on everyone unless you see something in them, & you believe they have a real chance of succeeding, and you know that the sugar baby is serious. Then you make a commitment to be serious right alongside them. That really impressed me and made me decide to work with you. I could tell during our first call that you were very sincere and honest.” Donna

If 1-on-1 Coaching sounds like something you’d be interested in, just email me at: tbj@sugardaddyformula.com
And I’ll send you all the details. Naturally, I’m not able to help that many people with this…So if you’re interested, please email me NOW while you’re thinking about it. (Limited time only, first served basis.)

Dedicated to your Sugar Baby Success, Taylor

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  1. Karen R Baker

    I’m a SB eager to learn the more people I help get what they want… The more SD will help me get what I want!

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  2. kate

    Hi I’ve got into contact with someone on this site (SA), and we exchanged numbers and he claims to be very successful… he does not want to send any pictures of himself because he wants to be very discrete. Which is fair. However, he sent me a couple of pictures of a very nice home which he claims to own… I googled searched those pictures online and I found the exact same house for sale. I only searched these pictures online because he asked for nudes and it just didn’t feel right. I don’t know whether to believe him or not because he is a premium member… please could someone give me some advice on this situation ?

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      Taylor Jones

      Don’t be “glamoured” by what you hope you can possibly receive out of this lifestyle and you find yourself doing things in hopes of getting something. Why would you want to send nude pics? You haven’t met and again, why would you want to send nude pics? If your objective is to send nude pics in exchange for money than that is an entirely different business. ONLY believe ACTIONS. I would want you to strongly consider how you are approaching this lifestyle. Until then he’s words doesn’t equate to anything $0.00. Just because he is a premium member doesn’t mean anything. Everything will unfold in time, but again why would you even consider sending nude pics?

  3. Tripster

    Help! It seems that I am running into these suitors on SA who are more into “experiential arrangements” or they are completely new to the game. I want more than dinner in exchange for my companionship and intimacy, but can’t seem to hit it home to these guys regarding the financial component of an “arrangement” without feeling like I’m talking like an escort. The biggest benefit I’m looking for from SA is being able to put my foot down and verbalize what I want but I’m having trouble. I hear these stories about these girls getting an allowance, and that’s the type of relationship I want! But I can’t seem to get past the second date (which is where I feel it is appropriate to discuss the financial factor) or really convince them that my time is worth more than your typical date (“experiential arrangement” where the suitor pays for the date activities). Am I attracting the wrong guys? Should I be more forward about the financial factor before the first date, and if so, how? Thanks!

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      It’s not that you are attracting the wrong guys. But you have to understand this lifestyle more and understand the type of men who are on the sites. After all, what you are seeking and what a Sugar Daddy is seeking…are two different things. It’s only hard to ask for what you want because you are asking a stranger. In addition: “Why would that person want to give it to you?” When you can answer that question you have found your unique value proposition and should be able to position yourself to getting what you want. If you are not getting past the second date you aren’t creating an Sugar Daddy experience to have them keep coming back. I have my book avail that can serve as a guide. Better methods = better results. If you would like to learn my methods to see if I can help you than you want to start here. You can’t get someone to buy into what you want by being direct. The person who has the MONEY makes the RULES. If you aren’t an escort your methods will be DIFFERENT.

  4. Nicole

    Hello I am just starting out at this. I don’t know what to do or what to expect. Please can you help me?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      We all start somewhere, but what matters is where you end up. Would you swim in the water without knowing how to swim? Probably not, right. If you are just starting out, my book can serve as your guide to help you navigate this lifestyle. You can obtain it here. You can also checkout this page to help with a direction: http://thesugardaddyformula.com/how-to-start-sugar-daddy-dating/

      I have invested in others to help me along the way. When there wasn’t any information out there I read Sugar Daddy 101, by Leidra Lawson (back then her information was focused on personal ads that you would find in the newspaper but I it severed as a direction. Hence the Sugar Daddy Formula. I knew how how hard it was trying to navigate this lifestyle with no direction and I didn’t want another person to have to wander aimlessly trying to figure it out with a lot of trial and error, but to save time. If you are wanting 1-on-1 help to see if we are a good fit in working together. READ THIS>> http://thesugardaddyformula.com/sugar-baby-mentor/

  5. KD

    HELP MONEY QUESTION…..Hi. I just started on the site and I’m so scared about the money transactions. He went off the bat. “I can give you weekly allowance and help you out” He wants my bank info but I don’t trust him yet. Would a prepaid card be better. He lives in Vancouver. HELP

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      If you don’t trust him yet. Let him know of alternatives ways in which you feel comfortable [insert whatever alternative method you want (prepaid is okay if that’s your preferred method at this stage)]. If he is against it, you should be suspicious. A lot of women become victims of scams and do things in hopes of receiving things and only to be scammed out of their money. Generally cash is KING, but if you haven’t met I would be skeptical. Also, if you where to put the shoe on the other foot. Would you send someone money without meeting? Probably not right. I wouldn’t. You can get him to prove he is real by letting him know what you want that he can buy (your wishlist) and see if he does it. Do you have a po box? So you feel comfortable with giving your mailing address instead of sending it or you can sign up to sites that offer wishlist in which the person makes a purchase and they don’t have access to your real address.

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