When you are having a WTF moment when things aren't going as planned

When you are having a WTF moment when things aren't going as planned
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I know what I am about to say, goes without saying but it should serve as a reminder.

And I’ll keep reminding you…

Over and over again…

Know what you are selling. You aren’t selling what you want him to provide. You are selling a relationship in which you want him to buy into.

Release yourself from comparing yourself to everyone else.

That stops here and now. No more obsessing over what other Sugar Babies are posting or what they are getting.

You can spend hours debating over which Sugar Daddy dating site is the best site, the amount you hope to receive, whether or not you have the right look or if you are young enough.

BUT it all boils down to this…

  • Do you understand what makes Sugar Daddy’s want to provide you with what you want?
  • Do you know how to get inside their heads?
  • Do you know how to invoke emotions in them? And using that knowledge to persuade, influence and GET WHAT YOU WANT!

That’s the philosophy behind everything I do.

I remember a time when I was FREAKING out about MONEY.

We’re talking real freak out… like “how am I going to pay for my phone bill + rent + gas for the car + get food” type freak out.

I was feeling desperate and anxious. And as you might guess this was NOT great energy to have when trying to attract someone wealthy.

Prospects can feel it.  Even if you are saying “all the right things” they can FEEL your desperation, anxiety any low-level feelings of not being genuine and it is NOT attractive. And there’s the other thing: wanting to set the foundation to the relationship ASAP to get it going.

So what did I do to turn this around even before things started to change? 

I detached myself from the outcome of what I was hoping get.

What can you do, right now to shift from “I HAVE to make this relationship work.” to hearing “YES, you can have whatever you like!” 

Now here is the HOW…

Acknowledge where you really are and commit to making it different vs worrying about what happens if you don’t get the relationship you want. And what things can you do on your own to turn your lifestyle into your reality vs waiting for him to show up.

Reality Check In: This is NOT your only or last chance to attract a wealthy man. In fact, the relationship you desire might not even come from the person you are getting to know, your role is to be in motion so what you desire can come your way.

Stack the relationships in your favor: If you have one man who sent you a message, it can feel like “this one HAS to work” shift out of that energy by sending out initial messages besides window shopping waiting for him to come along so you create more opportunities vs only having that one man who responded to you and it’s been 3 months later.

Daily mindset work:  Consistently keeping your mind in check will let you come from a place of high vibration vs desperation. And when you start having a moment where you start thinking, “Can this really work for me?”, “Ahhh nothing is working I need to throw in the towel!”…I need you to know you are not alone. And if you are going at this alone it can feel extremely lonely. Having others around you that are like-minded and “get you” will keep you in balance.

And ask yourself this: Am I worthy? Yes. You are. Believe it.

Practice Detachment in all parts of your life as well as dating: Detachment doesn’t mean you don’t care… it just means you are not attached to a specific way something has to work out.

Soooo, clearing your energy prior to logging on a dating site or before you make that call to him to discuss the arrangement or before you go on your date… Just take a moment to make sure you have the right energy going in.

Don’t just read it. Apply what you learn by implementing.

IMPORTANT: Information is powerful, but on its own it’s not enough. It’s what you do with it. You need more than just information. You need tools. You need community. You need support. You need accountability. Maybe this might be just what you need to have alongside you.

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I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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