The Biggest Red Flags in Your Sugar Baby Personal Ad

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You know that your Sugar Baby allure is how you get Sugar Daddies…and your online profile is how you grab their attention. I’ve mentioned before that your online profile has to be very good in order to grab and keep your Sugar Daddy’s attention. In fact, Sugar Daddies take only a few seconds to determine if they want to keep reading your profile. And during that second, Sugar Daddies make snap judgments about you. Before. They. Finish. Your. Profile.

Not convinced?

Your profile can TRIGGER immediate DISTRUST.

Okay, Sugar Babies, it’s time to dive into the keywords that make Sugar Daddies want to run for the hills. They are the “red flags” of the Sugar Daddy profile, and right now, there are ten massive offenders that plague even the best Sugar Baby profiles.

So what are these ten “red flags”? Take a look:
The 10 “Red Flags” of the Sugar Daddy Personal Ad

1. Display of crudeness and dumbness, as in grammatically poor use of English

(They have spell check for a reason!)

2. Lack of class

(Lines like “No Thugs” or “No Endless Emails” are tasteless)

3. Gold digger

(If you emphasize financials, Sugar Daddies will think you’re a gold digger, plain and simple)

4. A PPS (Platinum Pussy Syndrome)/Princess Stigma

(No Sugar Daddy wants a Sugar Baby that thinks they are entitled)

5. Big $$$ expectations

(Why would a Sugar Daddy expect to shell out Big $$$ if they don’t even know you?)

6. Lack of information, like what are you offering me and what do you want from me

(Why should a Sugar Daddy date you?)

7. Fake pics, or pics with face fuzzed out, or poor quality

(For example, pics with your kids in them are a no go!)

8. Someone who has too much baggage

(Too much information about your exes, or past Sugar Daddy relationships)

9. A drama queen

(Sugar Daddies doesn’t want additional drama)

10. Just average

(A profile that looks like they just threw some words on the screen and did not really spend any time putting themselves out there in the best light)

Again, if Sugar Daddies aren’t reading your profile, your personal ad failed.

Now I’m passing it to you.

Do you have any “red flags” in your profile?

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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