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Have you tried your hand at networking and social media tools? How about LinkedIn? Explored
leveraging your social circles to attract new connections? Maybe you’ve attempted to morph your
existing relationships into your ideal relationship…(never easy).

If you are saying, “Yes Taylor I have, show me a better way!”

I hear you. And I’d like to invite you to work exclusively with me.
We’ll apply my frameworks to your approach, create a customized sugar strategy, and connect
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exchange for a 50% discount on your private consulting fee.

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Problem: She didn’t know the NFL player personally or even anyone linked to him, and he didn’t know she existed.

Sugar Success: She used a customized formula to get an in-person introduction where he asked her for her phone number. Touchdown!

Problem: She didn’t know how to target millionaires, or how to introduce herself to one if she ever had the opportunity.

Sugar Success: Her customized formula included websites that matched her comfort level and a personalized icebreaker which she used to make multiple connections. They couldn’t teach you that in college!

Problem: She got dates, but never a second one, and couldn’t figure out why. She worried that the problem went beyond her impairment and her confidence suffered.

Sugar Success: With a customized formula that focused on seduction, she was able to get second dates and land the relationship she was looking for.

Problem: She felt being plus-size was an issue, had no dating experience, and wanted to attract the interest of a generous man while still keeping her virginity intact.

Sugar Success: She attracted a man who had no issues with her weight, who helped pay for her tuition and get a car. On their first date he gifted her with $500 out of the blue, and it all happened because she followed a customized formula tailored to her desires.

Problem: For two years she struggled to find a man who could provide her with a financial safety net so that she could pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

Sugar Success: Using a customized formula, she adjusted her approach and shifted her focus, and now her business generates more than $5K monthly without relying on an allowance from any man!

Problem: She had no luck with traditional dating sites and was beginning to think it was too late to find Mr. Right in her 40’s.

Sugar Success: She switched dating sites, changed her photos and her approach, and within a short period of time she began to attract the right men. She scored more dates than any of my other clients, found the relationship she desired, and is now on her way to getting the ring!

Problem: She was making $100K of her own and wanted to pursue her own interests, but needed to sustain her existing relationships.

Sugar Success: She attracted a wealthy man in the US to provide her with over $10K a month and has sustained the relationship for well over a year. Her customized formula also included an exit strategy.

Problem: She didn’t know any influencers in her field but wanted to leave school with high-quality connections and friends in all the right places.

Sugar Success: She used my customized interview approach to attract the attention of decision-makers and even ended up dating one of the wealthy men she met and interviewed.

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and GET what you want

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